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Ugandan artists launch their own association

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Some of Uganda’s top musicians

Ugandan artists have officially launched their own uniting body dubbed “The Uganda Musicians’ Association”.

The Uganda Musicians’ Association aims to protect and preserve Ugandan music while promoting unity among musicians. It also seeks to organise the music business and facilitate a collective bargaining of the members towards a common agreed upon goal.

To become a member of the association one has to be a musician, vocalist, instrumentalist, producer or artist manager.  An honorary membership can also be given to persons who are vital to the industry but don’t have the first qualifications but have to be approved by the executive committee.

The executive board includes: Julius Kyazze, (Chairman), Angella Kalule (Vice chairperson), Sylver Kyagulanyi (Secretary) , Mesach Semakula , Dr.Hilderman, and A Pass.

The association is affiliated to the National Union of Creative performing artists and Allied workers which is duly registered with the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and social development and is affiliated to National Organisation of Trade Unions and ultimately the International Labour organisation.

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