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There Are Now Giant Mattresses For Families Who Want To Co-Sleep

Letting your kids sleep in bed with you can be a great experience. If you don’t have the room to fit everyone, though, it can quickly go from cuddly and cozy to uncomfortable and sleep-depriving.

Many people are deterred from co-sleeping for this exact reason. But with the perfect bed, this problem can easily be solved.

Instead of trying to co-sleep in a regular-sized mattress, try one of these giant mattresses from The Ace Collection, a super-sized line of high-quality mattresses and bedding. These beds can fit whole families, as they come in sizes larger than your typical king.

Doesn’t that bed look so nice and comfortable?

The Ace Collection

Currently, the line contains mattresses in three sizes: Ace, Ace Player and Ace Family Size.

According to the company, Ace is significantly bigger than your average king-size mattress, with dimensions measuring 108 inches by 80 inches (an average king-size mattress in the U.S. is 76 inches by 80 inches). The Ace Player—which is the Ace mattress rotated—is great for people who want more length, as it measures 80 inches by 108 inches. Then there’s the extra-wide Ace Family, which is about double the width of a typical king-size bed and measuring in at 144-inches-by-80-inches.

The Ace Collection
The Ace Collection

You can order a mattress from The Ace Collection on their website, where they also sell bedding with a 200 to 500 thread count and bed frames to fit these oversized beds. Prices range from from $2,250 to $4,000, depending on the size and firmness of the mattress, plus the bedding and frames. Although altogether it is costly, it may be worth it to have a comfortable night sleep with the entire family.

The Ace Collection

Co-sleeping is still a controversial topic, but having the larger space to sleep can help make the practice safer. And besides, even if you don’t spend the whole night with the kids in bed, who doesn’t want to curl up next to each other and watch a movie together — at least no one will be smushed!

Correction: A previous version of this article listed the size of the mattresses in feet instead inches. These mattresses are big, but they’re not THAT big! We regret the error.