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Singer Eddy Profit Asks Frank Gashumba for Daughter’s Hand in Marriage in Open Letter

By Staff Writer

Singer Eddy Profit won’t seize to amuse us, weeks ago came out to express his intrest in TV Presenter Shielah Gashumba but since that didn’t help out on fulfilling his dream, the Louder singer has taken it to the next Level

Eddy Profit has stopped persuading Shiela and  he has now diverted all the attention to the father Frank Gashumba. The singer today went on his Facebook and poured his feelings out in an open letter he wrote to Frank Gashumba asking him to help persuade his daughter to marry him

In the letter, Eddy promised to give Shiela heaven on earth since she is the girl of his dreams, he went ahead and asked Gashumba to help advise the daughter on marrying him (Eddy Profit)

“Mr #FrankGashumba I know you are going through hard times at the time, but I have been holding this for a long time waiting for a perfect time but I don’t see it coming, so I had to create myself the perfect time, I always try to reach you but your mobile phone but all in vein, the same with your Email. So I chose to write to you directly on Facebook I am sure the message will be sent to you if you happen not to see it.
Mr Frank I want us to talk about your daughter #Shiela, I want to wife her, I want to give her the whole world I don’t care where other people will live, I want to make her dreams come true, want to tour every city with her. I could be telling this to her by since you are the final decision maker, I decided not to waste my time persuading her, but rather spend it on you the father.  Sebo Mr Gashumba, I’m willing to pay any bride price your daughter asks me, I want to marry her, she’s getting old and I am not seeing any man around her who’s a marriage material. 
Your in-law Eddy profit”  He posted on his facebook

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