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Better the Kato Lubwama we know than a headless Aganaga – Rugaba responds to Aganaga MP ambitions

By Stuart G-Khast

As the heat for the next elections in 2021 heats up, Rubaga South is likely to have a hotly contested elections considering two artistes who are eying the same parliamentary seat.

While incumbent Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama is confident to retain seat, singer Aganaga thinks he has not done enough. Aganaga recently expressed intentions to stand in 2021. However, the reaction from voters is something he should worry about if they don’t change their minds.

When expressed his ambitions to stand, most of the voters in a poll thought he would be a much worse representative. Some comments read “He is a young boy, arrogant and has not mastered the art of leadership, better the Kato Lubwama we know than a headless chicken”

Aganaga however has not been discouraged by remarks. We wish both artistes the best come 2021.