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Bebe Cool’s Kleberson gets brand new ride

By Staff Writer

One of the longest serving team members on singer Bebe Cool’s team, Richard Kleberson has landed a new ride thanks to his boss.

Kleberson revealed to us that thanks to Bebe Cool’s idea of telling him to print the silent majority T-shirts and Caps, he has managed to get a brand new Toyota Alphard.

“Thanks Bebe cool. I have got a new Car Toyota Alphard UBF 404B Series. More thanks Bebe Cool and fans for the love and support. Through Bebe Cool I have managed to get connections with big people that has helped me to position my self as one of top Tshirt printers in the country. With Bebe Cool we came up the idea of printing silent Majority Capes and T-shirts and it’s been a very successful project. Bebe Cool fans lets keep di love for Rasta Bebe Cool always high. More so thanks so much all my customers at @kleberson UG Tshirt Printing…. For quality Tshirt Printing…. Find me at fortune plaza Wilson Rd opposite Arua park police Post Room Gf03 or Call 0776983199” he posted online.

Here is a photo of his new ride.