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Breaking: Bobi Wine’s Show Cancelled! Go Sing for Americans!

By Staff Writer

Bobi Wine’s Busabala concert has been cancelled. The police says Bobi Wine has failed to meet the requirements.

Subsequent shows of Bobi Wine have also been called off until such a time when police is certain that all demands have been met.

Bobi posted minutes ago saying;

“We have just received this letter from the Uganda Police Force stopping all our scheduled music shows – including the one scheduled for tomorrow at One Love Beach, Busabala. They have been playing ping-pong games for over a month since we wrote to them. Three days ago, they wrote back to us giving us a litany of requirements. We invested huge sums of money to meet their demands, some of which were unreasonable. This was in addition to what we have invested in advertising and preparing the show. I think they thought we would fail to meet them. When we did and submitted them, the responsible officers started hiding themselves from us! Last night, they intercepted the trucks which were carrying the machines for the show. Today, this is the letter they gave to us- no show. Please remember, all other artistes are not required to fulfill any of these requirements and their shows have not been stopped. This brings the total number of our blocked concerts across the country to 124 since October, 2017.

We shall not sit and watch as our rights continue to be violated. WE SHALL RESIST THIS IMPUNITY.”